Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I live in a fantasy world. No! Really!

Janesville Dungeons & Dragons


This Character (Audible Capitalization added for emphasis) is spot-on the most fun character I have played. The DM for the game in which Fengwur 'lives' is a long-standing friend with tons and tons and tons of DM experience (like ten or more years for sure) and a penchant for letting players dig deep holes. He'll just cart away the dirt. Or, as is often the case, recruit a PC (or his human) to do the heavy lifting. So it can be a challenge. I like a challenge. Who doesn't?

Fengwur represents every essential factor to a successful D+D experience. Oh, I think I feel a list with bullet points on the way...


1. Well Rounded Character Idea: This is so important. Its great and everything to MINMAX the snot out of your Character, but, its the weaknesses, the not-so-good stuff that the player highlights during character creation which make the character real. These foibles are also where much of the humor in the game is borne. Y'see, an entire adventuring band of MINMAX characters aren't funny. Where's the personality? Fengwur, Ranger/Thief, second highest stat is Intelligence, then Wisdom. Constitution is a below average. Why? He's just a kid, but still a tenacious hunter and clever survivalist.

Fengwur lives in the deep forest. He was raised and subsequently abondoned there. He doesn't speak common and he despises humanity, square buildings, currency, hard-tack, and magical items. At the same time he is an excellent scout, brave warrior, determined team player for the greater good. Now, if he could only tell the rest of the group....

2. Passion to succeed through conflict: This might be my thing, and mine alone. But this ideal has never let me down. Roleplaying is about drama. An example, can you remember how much fun you used to have playing your favorite specialist Diviner who learned all the answers by staying in his tower all the time staring into mirrors? Of course not. Where's the excitement? Now, with Fengwur, he is brave but not all that effective in combat. And his overall objective is nigh-impossible for him alone to acheive (Temple of Elemental Evil story-line). He prefers unarmed combat and doesn't have much a damage bonus. This doesn't get in his way. He isn't really leadership material either but he is dogged in his determination to succeed, both in day-to-day situations and overall (i.e. drive the evil from the Gnarly Wood). An example, Fengwur often is un-armored and rarely in the front of the group. He is kind of small too so he can't really edge in the fray when it breaks out in confined spaces. Normally, it would take a round or two...not for Fengwur. If he can't climb onto a party member and jump over the rest to get into the fight, he will 'ask' someone nearby to throw him closer to melee. For better or worse, the other players see this. When they finish laughing, they know Fengwur is doing everything he can to win the day. Maybe they can too? Hey. If the illiterate, smelly, short, feral elf is willing to jump off my shoulder to fling himself into harms way, maybe there is a little something more I can do to help him (and the rest of the party).

That pretty much does it for me. Fengwur represents the extreme far end of my gaming philosophy as you can see. But these ideals are so important when sharing a fun, exciting game for everyone involved.

My two cents,


P.S. I will never make it into the Israeli Defense Force at this rate.
Israel, the land unrecognized by its neighbors. RolePlaying, fantasy hobby unacceptable to nearly all my neighbors.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Shopping with vanity laid bare.

---You had me at hello.---

When contemplating the 'belt-buckle' which defines me, as a 'M-A-N' (By the way, those are inaudible hyphens), my tastes are nothing less than discriminatory. Should I stick with the simple, tasteful contemporary designs offered by JCPenney? Perhaps I need a belt which singles me out as a hip, urban, metrosexual? GAP? Urban Outfitters?

Hmmm....understated. fashionable. I can do this.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Take a bite out of life

Its a new day. Sometimes we regret our actions. Oftentimes we cannot see past our choices. Most of the time we do not enjoy or appreciate the actions of others. Its the 90-10 principle. Life is encompassed by our decisons and our reactions to the decisons of others.

Put another away: the word attitude describes how you stand when you grasp a weapon. Now, a weapon will kill, wound, disarm, warn, and demonstrate peace. All depends on how you stand when you take hold of your chosen weapon.

Now re-read the second paragraph and replace 'weapon' with 'decison' and 'choice' interchangably. This is attitude. Read Swindoll's ---platitudes and post your comments in the morning.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A friend of friend is touring Thailand. Love this picture.

Infrared Camera - rockin!

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Sunday, October 31, 2004

Yeti! I dig this guy.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Considering immortality

Unfortunately, I watched, "Meet Joe Black" yesterday. Considering the themes presented in this movie, and the poor waste of time before realizing the story was ill-concieved, I was left a new appreciation for all that life has to offer.

Hard to imagine that a work such as "Meet Joe Black" could set my mind to wandering.

So I surfed blogger.com to lighten the load, so to speak.

Then I found this. http://quiz.ravenblack.net/blood.pl?biter=musashi

It fit. And then it didn't. Then it did again. And now I meet Joe Black a couple of times a day.

Talking Dingo